The African economy would thrive if we first, provide solutions to our indeginenous problems, and then to the rest of the world. David Utulor CEO, Diatheke Empire
Photo of David Utulor, CEO Diatheke Empire

About Diatheke Empire

Diatheke Empire is a private owned investment company committed to better lives of populace and transform Africa.

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The Diatheke Empire Creed



To be an exceptional company, where every product is at it's peak efficiency and provides it's maximum satisfaction.



Upholding honesty and strong moral principles towards our investments and consumers to enhance stronger relationships.



To create extraordinary products with a blend of creativity, modern ideas and new innovation that will standout among others.

Our Investments

We invest in sectors that provide long term and short term solutions to Africa's problem, with adequate returns and have the ability to propel Africa's Economy forward.

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We acknowledge and support great things. This is the belief that moltivates and help us contribute in our investment action.

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