We acknowledge and support great things. This is the belief that moltivates and help us contribute in our investment action.

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Let Use Entreprenueurship (LUE)

Diatheke Empire is honoured to be a supporter of the work of Let Use Entreprenueurship (LUE), founded in 2020. LUE shoulder a new approach in Africa in enhancing the devlopment, increase the well-being of future leaders and entreprenueurs, who will in turn increase contribution to the Afircan development. The initiative flagship programme - The Let Use Entreprenueurship Programme - is a longterm committment to identify, mentor and fund thousands of entreprenueurs - African entreprenueurs; an investment in Africa's future.

In the next five years, LUE aim at having impact on thousands of individuals and also support a netwoek of growing entreprenueurs.
The initiative longterm investment plan in transforming African entreprenueurs is an illustration of David Utulor's belief of the contribution private sectors and entreprenueurs must pay in driving social and economic growth in the continent.